Comparing the Cost of Car Hire in Murcia

Hiring a car in Murcia is simple and in most cases cheap. Sometimes during peak holiday periods it can get expensive but this can easily be avoided by booking in advance using a cost comparison booking engine such as the one we use here at Murcia Airport Car Hire.

The days of having to visit numerous sites in order to compare prices are now over. You can find Murcia car hire prices from all the best local suppliers on one website. The quotes from various companies are presented side by side with full terms and conditions included. Making a decision is simple as the pros and cons of each deal are easy to see.

There are a wide range of rental cars available ranging from budget cars to family and premium cars. We offer an excellent variety of hire cars at rock bottom prices. Murcia is a great holiday destination at any time of the year.

Summer Car Hire at Murcia Airport

Don’t miss out! Arrange your car rental for your summer holidays as soon as you know your travel dates. Murcia is an extremely popular holiday spot during the peak summer months. Many people will be looking for the best deals possible when it comes to flights, accommodation and car hire.

Demand can be very high during peak holiday periods in Murcia for rental cars. Here at we compare the prices on offer from several local companies. This means you should be able to avail of an excellent choice of rental cars at very competitive prices. This may only apply though if you book well in advance. Hire cars can not be guaranteed if you leave it very late to book.

If you fail to find a suitable Murcia Airport rental car today you may have more luck on another day as new cars regularly become available. With a cost comparison website the odds are always in your favour that you will find a suitable deal.

March Murcia Airport Car Hire Deals

If you plan on visiting Murcia this March then you should certainly be thinking about all the various travel necessities that you will require for your trip. As the weather gets warmer, Murcia becomes busier so demand for holiday items such as accommodation and car hire rises.

When you travel to Murcia in March you avoid the tourist rush. In the summer months Murcia is packed with tourists which is preferable for some while others will prefer the quieter months such as March when queues are shorter and restaurants and bars are a bit calmer.

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to hiring a car at Murcia Airport. Search for a quote today and you will see lots of excellent offers. Take the time to ensure you get the most suitable offer for you. Think carefully about exactly what you require from your Murcia car hire before booking.

Cheap Deals

Finding a cheap car hire in Murcia is simple thanks to cost comparison technology. When you search for a rent a car using our booking engine you will be presented with a superb choice of hire cars sourced from all the best local companies.

Using this system is a simple way of comparing the merits of each car hire deal on offer. The terms and conditions of each vehicle are laid out in a plain and simple fashion making the final decision an easy one.

There are various models available to suit all needs with budget, automatic, premium and estate cars available. People carriers are ideal for a family trip. Murcia is a splendid holiday location at any time of year. If traveling in the summer be sure to book your Murcia Airport car hire early in order to avoid disappointment as car hire firms can run out quickly during peak times.

August Bank Holiday Car Hire in Murcia

The August bank holiday falls on Monday August 31st in the UK this year. If you are planning on getting out of the UK for the long weekend this year then it is vital that you start booking holiday essentials such as accommodation and car hire as soon as possible.

A lot has been written in the media recently regarding car hire shortages in popular Spanish destinations such as Malaga, Alicante and Murcia. This is true with certain companies however a search for car hire Murcia Airport with our cost comparison booking engine shows that we currently have cars available from just £76.63 for the bank holiday weekend (August 28th to August 31st)

These prices are likely to be snapped up fast so do your wallet a favour and book today. Start searching for any other essentials you need also because if you leave it until the last minute you are likely to have to pay top prices and may not get the car hire type you would prefer. The August bank holiday weekend is a very popular time for Britons to get away and soak up some sunshine.

Car Hire Running out in Spain?

A lack of hire cars in key destinations in Spain has meant a rise in cost for the average holiday maker according to a recent article in the Guardian. Destinations such as Malaga, Alicante and Murcia have all been reported as problem areas.

Last Easter supply ran out in some of these locations and the same thing appears to be happening again now in August according to the article. Fleet sizes are smaller than last year due to the current recession which has meant that many firms have underestimated demand this summer. A collapse in the second market has also been very damaging for car hire companies.

Visitors from the UK to Spain were down eighteen percent last winter but July and August are proving to be as busy as ever. It seems that Spain is the only country being affected by car hire shortages at the moment with no such problems being reported in Italy or France.

Here at we are able to source rental cars from a huge number of suppliers so don’t give up hope and search for a quote today. We are still adding new cars daily as they become available.

Temperatures Soar in Murcia

A quick weather update from Murcia today shows temperatures still at a scorching thirty seven degrees. Things are expected to get a little cooler over the weekend however Murcia is still on yellow alert according to the Spanish Meteorological Group.

Things are also heating up on the Costa Del Sol with Malaga reaching heights of thirty eight degrees while the temperature in Alicante is thirty three degrees and in Granada thirty four degrees.

Remember to be sun aware and limit the amount of time you spend exposed to the sun during peak times (12 to 4). Too much sun can ruin a holiday and in the worst cases may require hospital treatment. Be sensible and use high spf sun protection especially if fair skinned. It will take a while for your body to adjust to the heat if you are resident in the UK.

Car Hire Customers do your Research

According to the RAC over thirty five percent of British holidaymakers have no idea what they should do if involved in an accident while almost as many knew the emergency number for the country they were visiting.

A recent report showed that 10 percent of UK drivers had a road accident while driving in Europe. Twelve percent experienced break downs. People were also warned of the cost of unleaded petrol in popular holiday spots such as France and Italy with many not realizing that the fuel savings available are for diesel cars. If you hire a car in Murcia that runs on diesel you can expect to make a twenty fiver percent saving on fuel costs when compared with the UK.

A major change for many drivers is having to drive on the other side of the road. Roundabouts can be tricky and require careful driving until used to. There can also be confusion reading road signs and place names especially as British people may only be familiar with the English language place names.

The AA offer advice when driving in other countries with a list of important items to remember available to view. Be sure to always carry your driving license and passport at all times.

Hotel Bargains in Spain

According to a recent survey hotel prices in Europe have dropped by up to seven percent this summer. The price comparison site Trivago carried out the survey which involved data from fifty popular European locations.

The results showed that thirty eight of the locations had seen a drop in hotel rates or had seen no change. Madrid in Spain showed the biggest decrease recording a thirty one percent drop in average rates. Some other cities which also offered cheaper rates compared to last year were Lisbon, Amsterdam, Bologna and Oslo.

This news certainly plays into the hands of bargain hunters who leave it late to book accommodation. Hotels will be looking to fill rooms and may offer cheaper rates to do so. An improving sterling rate may also help you to go easy on the wallet.

Elsewhere in Spain Valencia also showed a large drop in hotel prices at twenty three percent. Geneva was the major mover in the opposite direction showing a ten percent increase in prices.

Heatwave in Murcia

As the heatwave continues in Murcia there have been some reports of sunstroke. It is important to take precautions in the sun particularly for those who are not used to such conditions. Here are some tips to stay safe:

• Try to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun during peak temperature times between 12 and 4pm. You will be surprised at how quickly you can burn. For fair skinned people it could take less than ten minutes.

• Sun protective clothing is something worth considering. These are available with UV protection ratings of between fifteen and fifty.

• Hats are a good idea preferably something with a wide brim. These can offer excellent protection for sensitive areas such as the ears and neck.

• Considering how hot it is in Murcia at the moment many experts are recommending sun cream with a factor of at least thirty. This should be put on around every two hours when out in the sun. A water resistant cream is a good idea.

• Be active and move about as regularly during the day. This will be good for getting an overall tan rather than possibly getting burnt in certain places.